About Us

Our Mission:

The mission through our business and employees is to create a family friendly, welcoming environment which focuses on exquisite customer service that will forever be unforgettable. We believe people of all walks of life deserve to be treated respectfully and should be assisted professionally. We do this by training our employees to be very knowledgeable both in products and company values, leading the way for reshaping American business practices through integrity and respect for our customers and communities. We firmly believe in employment opportunities for growth in our business or their own personal dream. “By helping others succeed, we succeed!”


El Rodeo Western Wear is a small family owned business with a big western dream, located in the majestic Rocky Mountains, serving in our local community at the Colorado Mills Mall. We’ve found the people here of our small humble town of Lakewood, CO are extraordinarily wonderful as our town is beautiful! As an attempt to keep this community and the communities around us bursting at the seams of their jeans, we’ve put together a large variety of high quality products at affordable prices while providing excellent customer service. After all, you’re not just a customer you’re our neighbor! We at El Rodeo firmly believe quality of life is really important; with our products and service we aim to shoot higher, changing the way you shop western! Our vision is to bring a unique fresh look on western fashion, serving a diverse group of ethnicity, and not just a particular group. Who doesn’t want to be a cowboy or a cowgirl?


El Rodeo strives to maintain and promote traditional and ethical business practices for the care of both our customers and employees. We do this through a very simple principle. Knowledge, Respect, and Understanding are essentials in the everyday life as well as provide outstanding customer service. We believe the employee of the business is vital to a company’s values, growth, and healthy atmosphere. This ensures great customer service and loyalty. El Rodeo works to create a great career opportunity for our employees, and not just another 9-5 job. We encourage personal growth in our business whether this starts at a beginner employee level or a future store manager. El Rodeo is a growing business striving to inspire others to grow. We envision a plan for success. A plan in which will provide an opportunity to help young bright minded men and women of our business to learn, grow, and succeed in their own passions as we ourselves grow; by helping others succeed, we succeed! We believe this is how businesses ought to be and we’ve found that this is the best way as a business to give back to our community! But it all starts with you, the customer. Let us make your boot fitting, hat tipping, head turning, whole family shopping experience unforgettable!